We offer the complete mechanical machining

URBEN+KYBURZ AG provide comprehensive services in mechanical machining of high-precision components in medium to large production series.


  • CNC turning, CNC precision turning and CNC hard turning
  • CNC milling, CNC drilling, CNC brushing, CNC reaming, CNC grinding (interior, exterior, centreless, honing, polishing, lapping, centred, vibratory grinding)

We collaborate with qualified partners in the realm of heat- and surface-treatment, as well as external toothing.


Heigh-precision parts manufacturing in machining mechanics

Turning Ø4-250mm, length max. 400mm

  • from bar up to Ø76
  • chuck parts up to Ø250
  • swiss type turning parts up to Ø32
  • hard turning, precision IT6, surface Ra0.1-0.2

Milling + drilling cubic up to max. 400x400x400

  • vertical X1020 Y550 Z635
  • horizontal X760 Y640 Z760
  • 4-axes with pallet changer
  • multiple dividing heads

Gear cutting

  • broaching up to modul 3mm
  • power skiving

Grinding / finish

  • external grinding Ø3-200, lenght 400, precision 2μ, surface Ra0.1
  • internal grinding Ø5-100, length 200, precision 4μ, surface Ra0.2
  • centerless grinding Ø2-50, lenght 200, precision 2μ, surface Ra0.08
  • double disk grinding Ø10-270, height 80, flatness 5μ, surface Ra0.1
  • lapping Ø10-200, flatness 3μ, surface Ra0.05
  • honing Ø3-60, length 200, precision 5μ, surface Ra0.1
  • polishing, surface Ra0.1
  • tumbling up to 5kg part weight

Components-Cleaning process

  • multi chamber cleaning system
  • ultrasonic
  • dewatering
  • demagnetising