Job description poly-mechanic

As a poly-mechanic, you have a knack for physics and an interest in technical issues. You have strong special visualisation visualise and you perform your work with great accuracy, methodology and diligence. You display great stamina and patience, you have an interest in metal machining and you enjoy working with machines. You have a skilled hand and you do not suffer from allergies related to metals, oils and grease.

Essential requirement

Swiss secondary school certificate E

Vocational training

Theoretical training is undertaken at vocational colleges on various competency levels.  Level G requires basic competencies and level E requires extended competencies.  Where appropriate, levels may be changed during the apprenticeship.

Duration of training

The apprenticeship comprises two years of basic training followed by two years of specialist training, contingent on the scope of activities of the employer.

Career perspectives

Following graduation with a recognised certificate of proficiency, poly-mechanics may pursue a range of higher education goals, e.g. specialist process technician, certified master tradesman, graduate technician or graduate engineer.

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