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Stelleninserat Polymechaniker QS

Inserat_Polymechaniker_QS.pdf (121.0 KiB)

Stelleninserat Vorrichtungsbau

Inserat_Vorrichtungsbau.pdf (121.7 KiB)

Stelleninserat Schichtführer/in Schleiferei

Inserat Polymechaniker Schleiferei_2.pdf (121.7 KiB)

Stelleninserat Mitarbeiter/in in unserem Lager/Spedition/Sagen

Inserat Mitarbeiter Lager_Spedition_Sagen.pdf (119.2 KiB)

Stelleninserat Einrichter/in Dreherei

Inserat Einrichter Dreherei.pdf (121.4 KiB)

Work experience as a poly-mechanic

Are you interested in a work experience as a poly-mechanic or would you like to find out more about training as a poly-mechanic? Our training advisor Christoph Gasche can answer all your questions. Just call him on +41 32 614 23 11.

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Job description poly-mechanic

Poly-mechanics fabricate work pieces, make tools and fixtures for production, or assemble instruments, apparatus, machines or plants.  In collaboration with other professionals, they process orders and carry out projects; they develop design solutions and prepare technical documentation, or they build prototypes and perform testing. Poly-mechanics take part in commissioning, they carry out planning and controlling of production processes and perform maintenance and upkeep.

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